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Shanghai Xuhui Intellectual Property Protection Association (SXIPPA) and the Asia-Pacific Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Innovation Application Research Institute (BCAI)  Shanghai Branch are international non-governmental organizations in the intellectual property, blockchain and artificial intelligence industries.

Entrusted by local governments, Leo Band & Co. initiated the founding of SXIPPA together with hundreds of IP related institutions and aims to serve its members with IP services including consultation, management, training, rights protection, and trade. Embraced with obvious advantages of information and resources from local governments, SXIPPA provides convenient one-stop services from policy guidance, establishment of IP assessment mechanism, policy interpretation, to full supports of strategic planning, IP management, infringement complaint handling, investigation and evidence collection, enforcement of awards.

Headquartered in Singapore, the Asia-Pacific Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Innovation Application Research Institute (BCAI) is committed to combining blockchain technology with artificial intelligence technology, and provides practical and theoretical foundations and prerequisites for the application of products. The Institute brings together authoritative scholars and experts, technology companies, and upstream and downstream companies in many blockchains and artificial intelligence fields in the world, and continues to contribute to the innovation, promotion and integration of blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies. BC-AI experts and companies from the Asia-Pacific region are invited to participate and provide project participants with communication, cooperation and investment services. The Asia-Pacific Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Innovation Research Institute uses its own research strengths and alliance advantages to provide participants with different types of services, create opportunities for international exchanges, and help projects succeed.

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